auto respawn (evergreen)


These scripts agar.few in the game can get a little support. io.

Autospawn + Autoclick Coin + Profiles + Macros + Name Copier + Server Reloader + Arrow Movement Keys + Spectate Mode + More!

After the death of dogma automatically with this plugin you can use if you’re don’t want to wait.
Can click automatically can be set with a specific time period.
Automatic recording settings
You can record 10 different profile settings.

Player names on the banner copy – imitate teacher’s use it in the fight
You can use the restart Server button.
The room the killer into action – don’t do anything, the game will choose between, or participate in the spectator

Random movement – random move at set intervals
Shutdown and shutdown/re-installation confirm dialog on tab
Hide advertising and promos

Keyboard Shortcuts / Macros

~ – Toggle selectable leaderboard
Arrow keys or IJKL – Alternate movement keys
R – Shoot mass 7 times
E – Shoot mass continuously
T – Split into 16 pieces
S – Stop movement
B – Shop panel
V – Skin panel
N – XP Boost panel
, – Free coins panel
M – Mass Boost panel
1 – 0 – Copy leaderboard name #1 – #10