Facebook Flat Extension for Chrome

Facebook Flat Extension for Chrome

From the page extension is a plugin for Facebook Facebook friends, the doldrums standard flat.
Facebook homepage is more useful and becoming more easily find what you’re looking for a page where you can. Thanks to the flat extension Facebook page, you can see exactly. I would recommend you to try. Just flat chrome Facebook Add-On is installed. Facebook is a free plugin extension to flat.
This plugin also automatically remove ads thanks to facebook. The content makes it more reliable.


Add Chrome

2. Click extesion and find styles for diffrent sites
3. Than write facebook flat in search.
4. instal css

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  1. i very much like facebook flat and i love it.

  2. i very much like facebook flat and i love it.

  3. es un facebook super fenomenal

  4. i very much like facebook flat and i love it.

  5. I love flafacebook

  6. flat is the best

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  12. how it works

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